Conservation and management of marine turtles and other charismatic species must learn from successes and failures. This research area focuses on monitoring and evaluating the outcomes of conservation efforts and on-ground interventions to inform future management decisions and to maximize conservation outcomes. Our lab is interested in ways to quantify and to determine the effectiveness of management actions and to maximize conservation outcomes.


  • Implications of management efforts on the nesting environment of sea turtles
  • Marine spatial planning in Brazil
  • Assessing different marine turtle nest protection measures against coyotes
  • Human dimensions of Madagascar’s marine protected areas
  • Effectiveness and design of marine protected areas for marine turtles


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Morena Mills, Imperial College of London
Rafael Magris, Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation
Bob Pressey, ARC Center of Excellence for Coral Studies
Matthew Ware, Florida State University
Armando Santos, Florida State University


National Geographic Foundation
Save Our Seas Foundation