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Super proud of Jess who just submitted her PhD Thesis on marine turtle poaching in Mozambique! More about her work can be found here. Some of the publication from her work includes:

  • Williams J, Pierce SJ., Rohner CA, Fuentes MMPB,  Hamann M (In press). Spatial distribution and residency of green and loggerhead marine turtles using coastal reef habitats in southern Mozambique . Frontiers in Marine Science.
  • Williams J.L., Pierce S.J., Fuentes M.M.P.B. and Hamann M. (2016) The tradition of take: marine turtle consumption in Dovela, Mozambique. African Sea Turtle Newsletter 5,  27- 31
  • Williams  JL,  Pierce SJ,  Fuentes  MMPB,  Hamann M (2015) ffectiveness of recreational divers for monitoring marine turtle populationsEndangered Species Research. 26, 209- 219
Jess Williams