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Our lab encourages undergraduate and graduate students to conduct outreach activities with the broad community. Both Dora DeMaria and Natalie Montero have been busy educating K-12 kids about marine turtles, their biology ecology and conservation.

Dora DeMaria Women in Math, Science & Engineering Program undergraduate student

Dora created an outreach program for students in the Florida panhandle area. The program focused on educating school children about marine turtles, their life cycle, threats they encounter, and conservation efforts. She worked with children at the after school program called The Nest in Franklin County, due to their proximity to St. George Island, a beach town that is known for Loggerhead marine turtle nesting in the panhandle.

Dora Demaria
Natalie Montero

Natalie Montero, Noyce SOAR program undergraduate student

Natalie thought public K-12 schools in Leon and Wakulla counties about the potential impacts of climate change on marine turtles. Natalie’s classes focused on interactive activities to illustrate how sea level rise may affect marine turtles.